Configuration OptionsΒΆ

This page will give you an overview and a detailed description about some of the available configuration options in your InterProScan 5 properties file (



Default setting

Precalculat ed match lookup and proxy setup

precalculated .match.lookup .service.prox

Host name of your proxy (e.g. http://proxy.examp You would need to set that option, if the pre-calculated match lookup service is enabled and you have a proxy (communication layer) between you and the world wide web. Please note user proxy-authenticati on is not supported at the moment.

Not set

precalculated .match.lookup .service.prox y.port

Open port of your proxy (e.g. 8080)

Not set

precalculated .match.lookup .service.url

Web address of the precalculated match lookup service. Used if the pre-calculated match lookup service is enabled. You would only want to change that, if you have installed a local version of the lookup service terpro/match-lookup

Other properties

exclude.sites .from.output

Calculate residue level annotation and include in the output where available?