What is InterProScan?

InterPro is a database which integrates together predictive information about proteins’ function from a number of partner resources, giving an overview of the families that a protein belongs to and the domains and sites it contains.

Users who have novel nucleotide or protein sequences that they wish to functionally characterise can use the software package InterProScan to run the scanning algorithms from the InterPro database in an integrated way. Sequences are submitted in FASTA format. Matches are then calculated against all of the required member database’s signatures and the results are then output in a variety of formats.

Supported platforms

There are no versions planned for Windows or Apple (MAC OS X) operating systems.

This is due to constraints in the various third-party binaries that InterProScan runs.

To install and run InterProScan

For more information about using InterProScan please see the page links on the right, for example how to download a copy and how to run InterProScan.

LSF cluster users

As an alternative to the default “standalone” mode, Interproscan 5 allows components of the analysis to be farmed out on an LSF or SGE cluster. Full details of this can be found in Running InterProScan 5 in Cluster Mode.