Release notes: InterProScan 5.52-86.0

7th June 2021*. We are pleased to announce the release of InterProScan 5 (version 5.52-86.0).

This release of InterProScan 5 includes a data update (using InterPro version 86.0 data).

What’s new

Data update

  • Synchronized with InterPro version 86.0.
  • The addition of 299 InterPro entries.
  • An update to PROSITE patterns (2021_01), PROSITE profiles (2021_01).
  • Integration of 454 new methods from the CATH-Gene3D (80), CDD (27), PANTHER (295), PROSITE profiles (39), Pfam (7), SFLD (1), SMART (2), SUPERFAMILY (3) databases.

Software updates

  • InterProScan requires at least Java 11

Known issues

Documented on the following page: Known issues.

Reporting issues

You found a bug? Or do you want to give us your feedback? Please use EMBL EBI’s support form.